Pre-Consent Reviews

Online preconsent reviews are now required for children between the ages of 0-17 on two or more psychotropic medications. No requirements apply to children on one psychotropic medication.

On May 28th 2018 F.A.C Chapter 65C-35 (Psychotropic Medication For Children In Out Of Home Care) was updated. 


65C-35.012 (2) Pre-Consent Reviews.

(2) Pre-Consent Reviews. The CPI or case manager shall seek a pre-consent review when:

(a) A physician proposes prescribing psychotropic medication or changing the dosage of prescribed psychotropic medication outside the dosage parameters documented in the Medical Report; and,

(b) The child is age birth through 17 years; and

(c) The child is prescribed two (2) or more psychotropic medications.