Answers to your frequently asked questions! Question: What does “off-label use” mean? Answer: Off-label prescribing is when a physician prescribes a medication for a different age patient, different condition, or […]

New Preconsent Changes


Beginning May 28th 2018 F.A.C Chapter 65C-35 (Psychotropic Medication For Children In Out Of Home Care) was updated. Online preconsent reviews are now required for children between the ages of […]

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Florida Administrative Code does not provide any requirement for Medconsultations when the child is on one psychotropic medication. Preconsents assist with information needed for the provision of express and informed […]


NO Neurological Disorders

Neurological Disorders do not use this service Medications prescribed for a neurological disorder like a seizure disorder do not fall under the psychotropic medication review requirements and are not addressed […]

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Tips for completing the online preconsent review form

  • To make submissions user-friendly, the online preconsent form includes multiple drop-down menus (“please select option”) for items like county or medication names.
  • It also lets you click a button to calculate age and BMI after you enter birth date, height and weight, and automatically enters Judicial Circuit once you select county of residence.
  • Most menu choices include an option of “other” for you – if you don’t find the needed choice, select “other” and a box will open where you type in your other information.
  • The preconsent review form allows review of up to eight different medications; you will see a choice of “add another planned medication” button at the end of Section 3. If you click this button, you will be given an entry field for planned medications #2, #3 and up to #8, if needed.
  • Examples of monitoring plans are provided; it is not required that you use the plans exactly as shown, however, your monitoring plans need to be consistent with good quality of care.

Submitting the online preconsent review form

  • The form has specific required fields marked by a “*” that have to be completed before you can submit.
  • Once you click submit you will see a print version of your submission and receive a job number confirming your submission; please print a paper or electronic version of the submission for your records.
  • If you encounter any problems with your online submission, please call us at 866-453-2266.
  • If you encounter a submission problem we may ask you to fax us a copy of your completed form to our fax number 352-265-8682. So please print a copy before hitting the submit button.

Receiving the completed review back

  • The completed review will be faxed back to the fax number/s you provided in the beginning of the online preconsent form. If you provided fax numbers for the provider and another recipient , we will send faxes to both.
  • E-mail notification of the fax, referencing the job number you received at submission, will be sent at the same time, to the e-mail address/es you provided for the provider and/or alternate e-mail recipient.