Information for Commonly Submitted Medications

You can search for specific medication information at DailyMed for submitted medications, such as:

  • FDA-approved indications for the medication
  • FDA dosing guidance
  • Black box warnings
  • FDA patient medication guides

Furthermore, you can review medication monitoring guidelines for several commonly prescribed medication classes. These monitoring guidelines are based on current professional practice parameters for child and adolescent psychiatrists, such as provided by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Monitoring guideline examples are provided for several medications:

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: These medication summaries and monitoring guidelines are not intended to replace clinician’s best clinical judgment. Changes in the state of scientific knowledge are inevitable and require periodic review, updates and revisions. These medication summaries and monitoring guidelines do not apply to all patients and must be adapted and tailored to each individual patient. Proper use, adaptation, modifications, or decisions to disregard these or other guidelines, in whole or in part, are entirely the responsibility of the clinician who uses these guidelines. The website authors bear no responsibility for the use of these summaries by third parties.