Florida Medical Report versus Preconsent Review

Prescribing psychotropic medications to children in out-of-home care requires completion of several forms which can become arduous and duplicative. Until efforts have succeeded to streamline the application process we want to make it easier for prescribers to complete the Preconsent Review (PR) application by cross-walking it against the 10-page standard Medical Report (MR).

For the cross-walk comparison we assume prescribers have already completed the 10-page Medical Report and are now filling in the much shorter Preconsent Review. In other words, we will show how Preconsent Review (PR) questions can be filled in using entries from the standard Medical Report (MR). Please note, some counties/judicial circuits have created their own versions of the Medical Report. We do not provide the cross-walk comparison for those customized versions of MR and encourage providers to scan them on their own before using information towards the Preconsent Review.