Submission Support

We want to make your preconsent submission as smooth as possible.

You can call or e-mail our staff with questions. We also provide you with links to package insert information on some of the commonly submitted medications, including FDA-approved indications, dosages, black box warnings, and patient medication guides.

You can see examples of safety monitoring plans for frequently prescribed medication classes (including stimulants, atypical antipsychotics, lithium, valproic acid and SSRIs), based on recommendations from professional practice parameters.

These safety monitoring plans are also available in the actual preconsent submission document as examples you can choose and further edit before submission of a preconsent. Furthermore, there is an item-by-item comparison between the required 10-page Medical Report versus the Preconsent Review, so you can easily identify which information can be transferred from one to the other. Our goal is to support your efforts to provide quality psychiatric care for children in out of home care in Florida.